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Fasty Wabbit

Hi, or better ..... "Hej" ..... as we say in Sweden !!

I am the Fasty Wabbit, ..... yes, with a "W", that is the way I talk. I am Miss Fasty's pet, ..... we just LOVE to spend time together !! She met me in Sweden when she visited the FASTY factory. I offered to be her pet which she readily accepted. Miss Fasty took me to the USA ..... very scary ride on that noisy airplane !!! When I arrived, I did not have a passport, ..... but the customs agent let me through with a smile and a scratch behind the ears, ..... that was nice !!!

I am now in the USA, living with Miss Fasty and going with her on all of her adventures.

Some facts about me:

Place of Birth: Sweden

Gender: Female

Age: Young

Height: Short

Status: Single, ..... but I've signed up for online dating !!

Favorite Sport: Running ..... some times I need to ..... when a dog gets too friendly !!

Favorite Runners: Usain Bolt, Stephen Kiprotich, and Paula Radcliffe

Favorite Actor: Dennis Hopper

Favorite Singer: Eddie Rabbitt

Favorite Comedian: Carrot Top

Favorite Food: Buns

Favorite Auto: Volkswagen Rabbit .. and Volvo cars too...of course!

Favorite Music: Hip Hop, ..... I said a hip hop, the hippie, the hippie, to the hip hip hop, and you don't stop

Favorite Technology: Rabbit Ears

Favorite Book: Rabbits for Dummies

Favorite Movie: Hare-e Potter

Favorite Joke: Q: What do you call a bunny that has fleas? ......... A: Bugs Bunny!

Who do you aspire to be most like : Energizer Bunny

Favorite Beach: Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa, Italy.

Favorite Celeb: Miley Cryus - She loves rabbits


Stew - For obvious reasons.

Donald Trump - He built a golf course on my den so that Tiger Woods could play on it, ........ grrrrr !!

Apple Computers - Shudda called them "Carrot Computers"... it rhymes better and much yummier.

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez - I'll change my mind, if they become rabbit lovers too - I actually DO love their music.

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