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Product Detail
  • The most durable, easiest, quickest to use strap ever!
  • ISO & TÜV (OSHA lab) certified
  • Made in Sweden
  • -40°F TO 160°F Working Temperature


Part Number: S144K-EXT

Product: Box Lift with Black Straps and Extra 12 Foot Extensions

Price: $49.95

The Fasty Box Lift Straps allow one person to easily move a car roof box, surf board, or small boat from the top of the car to the garage ceiling. Includes 2 x 1 inch straps, black, and each strap is 12 feet long. 4 x suspension brackets and 8 x screws.

The extension straps can be connected to the free ends of the box lift straps for high ceilings or to lower the load all the way to the floor with no change in the load rating.

Can hold up to 100 lbs.


The Boxlift (we nicknamed it the "hide away" strap) allows for the easy movement and storage of large objects such as car roof boxes, snow boards, windsurfers, surf boards or any long bulky items that comply with the load rating.

The two box lift straps use the patented lock clamp which will not slip once threaded with the webbing, but allows for extremely easy adjustment. Its unique design allows for a very firm hold but with an easy low friction lifting and lowering process that almost anyone can perform with ease. The Boxlift makes it really easy for one person to move a bulky awkward object from the top of the car or SUV, right onto your garage ceiling, with very minimal effort.

If you have a large item that you need to "hide away"...this is a very inexpensive solution to your problem. Thousands of "box Lift" straps have been sold worldwide because they just "WORK"!!!

Try one... you'll be very satisfied that you did.

Boxlift kit Includes: 2 x 25mm straps, black, 400cm. 4 x suspension brackets and 8 x screws.

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